Bhutan – 1 Kingdom is strange to us, but since we have the opportunity to set foot on this land, many emotions come to us as a miracle, giving us a deep affection for us. the country and people of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

A meaningful journey, when we achieved the aspiration to a Buddhist Kingdom, was honored with the highest rating: “Gross National Happiness”.

And without any doubts, we have experienced practically on the roads, scenic spots with a natural wild beauty, Buddhist historical and cultural relics with deep educational philosophy. of Bhutan, create a nation of Bhutan with gentle people, no aversion, enthusiasm, hospitality, and dynamism & cuteness. Equality in society is present through work, through architecture, through means of living, solidarity and love for each other with consistent dances and costumes with high national identity.

We were very touched when we met students in traditional costumes, chatting on the way back after school. We enjoyed the great temples, temples and ancient fortresses built and preserved from hundreds of years ago, but still retain the unique and unique architecture of Bhutan. And also the beautiful handicraft souvenir products with elaborate fine lines and fine details to small details.
We have also enjoyed a lot of fruits, and delicious and private traditional dishes are available at places of interest.

The majesty and solemnity of the National religion – Buddhism, along with the respect of the Royal image at the temples, temples and at every house of the people, let us know that Bhutan is the pinnacle of spread the love of Dharma and the Royal Family.

All merged, forming a very happy Country. Bhutan – The happiest Buddhist kingdom in the world is here.

We deeply appreciate the spirit and attitude of the Bhutanese people. Especially We are very happy and moved by the enthusiastic help of 2 Bhutanese: Kinley Penjor (tour guide) & English Funny driver, dedicated to guide We visit Bhutan, help us understand more clearly about Bhutan’s Country and People. We also wish that we will build our country, which is assessed by the world as the title that your country owns.

On behalf of the Youth Union, I would like to thank Kinley Penjor and Anh, for your lovely driving.

Respectfully wish your health to the King and Queen and the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Wishing your country sustainable development with national cultural identity honored forever.

Wishing the Bhutanese people a prosperous, peaceful, abundant health and happiness.

Sincerely thank you.