On the 24th of June 2022, the National assembly passed the Tourism Levy Bill of 2022. With this new act, the sustainable development fee (SDF) of 65 USD per night has now been increased to 200 USD per night. Along with the increase in the SDF, the Minimum Daily Package Rate (MDPR) has been removed.

Previously visitors to Bhutan were subject to a MDPR of 200 USD – 290 USD per person per night, depending on the number of travellers and period of travel. 65 USD Sustainable Development Fee was paid to the government, and the remaining amount was used for lodging, guide, transportation and lodging. 

With the new bill being passed, all international tourists visiting Bhutan will have to pay 200 USD SDF per person per night, and they will also have to separately pay for accommodation, meals, entry fees, transport, and guides.