Thank you both, for accommodating to all my personal requests before my travel period and also constantly supported me during my trip. I wish i could have meet you both to thank you personally.

I am here to give my feedback which I am very fortunate to have my guide Jimba & Sigyel Demaq with me. They are the best i have met. I will like to specially compliment Sigyel as she was the most amazing guide that anyone could ever ask for. She goes the extra mile for her guest and has really excellent services throughout the whole trip. Never once was I left alone and in times of needs, she was the one beside me. Sigyel made me felt really comfortable and at ease throughout my journey in Bhutan, as though I am part of her family as a solo traveler. Her experience in explaining the history was detailed and I was really impressed with her capabilities. If there should be any tour jobs opportunities, I will strongly recommend Sigyel to all of your guests and I am sure she will definitely bring Crane Valley’s customers returning back for more travel journeys with her.

Next, to also compliment the driver, Dendup Tshering too! He was not only a great safe driver that brought me from one point to another, but also like a second guide to me. He has shown and taught me things about the Bhutan culture and was also like a brother that was there with me when needed, even though it was out of work hours – by ensuring my safety and constantly assuring me everything is fine when there were sudden issues.

The teamwork between these professional people has exceeded my expectations of my trip and left great memories in my heart – I will definitely be back!

Thank you Cane Valley Tours & Treks. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

(Travel Period: 14th to 20th March 2019)

Kadin-chhey (Thank You)

Warm Regards & Best Wishes,